Joseph Minuni

Joseph Minuni

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First Name * Joseph
Last Name * Minuni
Username * joeym4130
Country * USA
City Orlando
Languages English


Preferred Tools Character AnimationLighting and RenderingZbrush modelingCharacter rigging/mesh weightingAfter Effects Animation (keyframes & expression driven)CompositingMatchmovingParticle Systems


Availability: Freelance


Have been obsessed with Computer animation ever since I was a little lad, the first time I saw Jurassic Park and was just so interested in how that could be done. My Interest developed into a full time passion, and I began learning 3D Modeling software in Junior High School in my spare time, when most *normal* people would be out playing sports! Fast forward and I am now holding a degree in animation and trying to break into the field....

My dream is to be working 100 hour weeks on feature films. Pushing myself ragged, or insane even, would be a pleasure , because all those late nights are worth it when you finally see the result.

Would go anywhere in the US to do what I love